From Grey to Gorgeous.

Grey is in fashion!

A lot of guys and girls are going into their salons and asking to go grey or white. Its currently super trendy but not always achievable. It takes a lot of hair work, appointments and perseverance however when done right the results can look amazing.

If you aren’t grey already do you fancy it?

Unfortunately this colour does take a lot of bleach, and depending on the history and pigment of your hair, you can go through a few stages to get there. If you have previously used box dyes or darker colours then we need to lift that first before we even take on your natural hair. If your hair throws off a lot of natural warmth then your hair, when colour lifted by bleach, can go yellow/golden, this stage is unavoidable.

Why do we go Grey?

Going grey is a combination of factors, some of which are, diet and nutrition, hormones, stress but the majority is usually down to genetics. So chances are you need to blame/thank your parents and grandparents.

How does our hair go Grey?

Our hair colour is produced by two types of melanin. Grey hair appears when the pigmentation cells at the base of the hair follicles slow and stop being produced. Technically grey and white hair is just uncoloured hair, it isn’t a true colour, it looks white and grey due to light reflection.

A lot of women and men go grey, it can happen as early as your teens to finding your first great hair at sixty! According to a study by L’Oreal, overall, of those between 45 and 65 years old, 74% had some grey hair, covering an average of 27% of their head, and approximately 1 in 10 people had no gray hairs even after the age of 60.

So maybe you wait for nature to take it’s toll or maybe you book in a consultation.